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Representing the Great City of Los Angeles, Ca

Inagural Season, 2022


Proud Franchise Team of the WNFC

Women's National Football Conference

about us

The Los Angeles Legends are the premiere women's tackle football team representing Los Angeles, California.



No stranger to the bright lights of women’s tackle football, historic franchises have come and gone in the city over the past 50 years and the Legends will continue to grow that legacy alongside The Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC). The WNFC is the sports premier professional league and has been changing the outlook for women’s tackle football since its 2018 launch. With sponsorships from adidas, Riddell Sports, and other major brands, the league has made its way and helped to propel the sports to the mainstream (sponsorships and media).
The Los Angeles Legends, founded by LA native, entrepreneur, and general contractor Monique Adams is set to take on the challenge of propelling women’s tackle football to new heights in LA. Adams becomes one of very few major sports teams founded and operated by an African American woman. Adams was a standout fullback prior to injury and knows what it takes to create a powerhouse (on and off the field) in LA.



“Bringing the Legends to Los Angeles is a dream come true. This is my home town. Women’s tackle football has lived in this city for many years without the proper attention, recognition, or growth. It is time for the city to embrace a legendary change in the landscape of professional sports. We are building something special. Something bigger than sports!”

- Monique Adams - Owner LA Legends

Los Angeles Legends Logo Adrian Reevers #theXPbrand


established 2021 games begin spring 2022

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